Jiu Jitsu Near Me. How to Find the Right Academy.

When your thinking about starting your BJJ journey it can be difficult to decide where to train. When I was looking for BJJ near me I did a ton of research before deciding. If your not sure how to decide consider these few points before signing up:

  • Location: How far is the academy from your house? Your time is valuable. If the bjj school you choose is more than 30 minutes away, you’ll be spending over an hour a night just in your commute. If you have a family to get home to this can be a real problem. This shouldn’t be your only factor but it’s definitely worth giving some thought to.
  • Atmosphere: Pay attention to how you are welcomed to the academy. Not only by the instructor but the other members as well. Are they friendly and helpful? A good instructor will know the value of having the right people around them and their students she behave similar.
  • Quality of Instruction: Pay attention to the structure of the class and the breakdown of the moves they teach. Do they breakdown small details? Are they actively moving around the class helping each student improve their technique? Would the techniques they are teaching actually be effective?
  • Cleanliness: It’s more important than ever to have a clean and safe place to train. Are the mats clean? Are the bathrooms clean? Is there soap, hand sanitizer, and foot washing stations? Do the students seem to care about their hygiene? Nobody wants to roll around with the stinky gi guy. A good academy will not allow that.
  • Amenities: What other benefits does the academy offer? Do they have a strength and conditioning program? Do they offer any options for recovery after long days of training? Martial Arts is a highly physical activity. Having the right conditioning and recovery options will help assure your longevity in the sport.


Martial Arts is an exciting journey. If you surround yourself with the right people, you will grow in ways you never imagined. You will grow physically, mentally, and open yourself up to an entire community. You’ll make new friends, get in better shape and improve your quality of life.


If you’d like to try NJ Ronin Jiu Jitsu and Striking Academy we would love to have you visit! We offer classes for all ages, have an entirely separate strength and conditioning section, and a recovery room equipped with an infrared sauna, a dry heat sauna, and a high end massage chair. Come take a free class to see if we are the right fit for you. We are located at 119 Mountain Ct in Hackettstown, NJ

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  • Karon Lacefield

    Do have Jiu Jitsu for kids? 7 yrs old?

    • Switchmc

      Yes! Please contact us at admin@njronin.com or call us at 973-797-9420 to schedule a free class.

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