5 Reasons Jiu Jitsu Helps Your Kids Reach New Heights

With the recent explosion in popularity of Jiu Jitsu across the globe you may be wondering, “Is Jiu Jitsu right for my kids?” Here we list just few of the many reasons your child should start training:


Builds Confidence

Depression rates in kids are at record highs. Challenging your children to learn new skills and letting them earn a feeling of accomplishment can help them overcome feelings of depression without medication.

Self Defense

The world can be a violent place. Are your children equipped to defend themselves? Jiu Jitsu teaches students to restrain and control aggressors until the submit or more help comes. This knowledge will help them stand up to bullies and defend the defenseless should an opportunity arise.

Breaking the social media addiction

New studies show that smartphones effect children’s brains exactly like cocaine does. Today children spend an average of 8 to 11 hours in front of a screen. Jiu Jitsu will provide true social interaction and real-world experiences your child needs for healthy development.

Mental Focus

Whether you agree with all the ADD diagnosis’s running rampant today or not, it is clear our attention spans are shortening. Having to focus on a series of steps to get to a submission or a position of control can help train the mind to focus for longer periods of time.

Health and Fitness

More than 12 million U.S. children are obese — one out of every six children. Obese children have an increased risk of developing a range of health problems. Jiu Jitsu keeps your children extremely active! Active children typically have higher metabolisms, stronger muscles and bones, and will be less likely to become overweight

Jiu Jitsu has so many benefits for you and your family. We would love for you to visit our brand new facility in Hackettstown, NJ and try a Free Class today!

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